Clare Kirwan performs regularly as part of Liverpool’s Dead Good Poets Society. She has had poems published widely including in MsLexia, Orbis, The Interpreter’s House, and Aberrant Dreams. She won the Liverpool Slam in 2005. Clare came second in the 19th International Feile Filiochta Poetry Competition this year.  www.clarekirwan.co.uk


The Man With The Strongest Face In The World
Clare Kirwan

The man with the strongest face in the world
raises one eyebrow and holds
an entire dinner table aloft,
complete with crockery,
wine, condiments and
seven startled diners.

His firm chin stops traffic,
he opens his mouth
and the world stops to listen.
One smile, one kiss
and he’ll knock your socks off
(and everything else),
blow your mind, propel you,
naked and gasping to his bed.
Just be careful
he doesn’t give you head.


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